Racks & Tube Storage

CP Lab Safety offers a wide selection of glassware racks, test tube holders, and flask /glassware support racks. Choose from centrifuge racks, petri dish holders, round bottom flask support, elution racks and glassware/ bottle carriers.

  • Pipette Tray Rack, case/24
    Part #: BA-189400000

    $766.00 $665.12
  • Test Tube Racks HDPE, Holds (12) 28-32mm Test tubes, case/24
    Part #: DL-416064

    $649.00 $515.77
  • Test Tube Racks HDPE, Holds (17) 10-14mm Test tubes, case/24
    Part #: DL-416054

    $517.00 $411.34