Safety Training DVD Combo-Pack: Driver Safety, 3 Disc

Safety Training DVD Combo-Pack: Driver Safety, 3 Disc

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Get your delivery drivers and trade personnel prepared to safely drive a work vehicle with this DVD set. This set of 3 DVDs on Driver Safety includes the following training modules:

  1. Driving Preparation
  2. Alert Driving
  3. Driving Hazard Recognition

35 Minutes Training Time (22 min. video + 13 min. test)
All Convergence DVDs include links to download printable Tests, Answer Guides, and Completion Certificates.

Fire Extinguisher Safety
We see them hanging on the wall every day but most people know very little about fire extinguishers. Use this course to educate your team on the fire triangle, the types of fires that can occur in the workplace, and how and when to use a fire extinguisher. This course also describes when to evacuate and provides some proper maintenance tips for fire extinguishers. Based on 29 CFR 1910.15

Driving Preparation
Be prepared for any trip with our Driving Preparation training that provides the basics of vehicle maintenance and inspection as well as suggestions for planning your route. Our course also suggests some valuable emergency supplies that can help prevent a minor inconvenience from becoming a major problem, such as common tools, spare tire, jumper cables and more. In addition to saving time and other costs, proper driving preparation can ultimately save your life as well as the lives of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians around you.

Alert Driving
Understanding the importance of being an alert driver can mean the difference between life and death. Learn how to observe conditions around you, anticipate hazardous situations, and react to avoid hazards with our Alert Driving course. Our course discusses driving at safe speeds, the dangers of driving while impaired, and illustrates how to increase your reaction time by following the two-second rule. Alert driving is a fundamental element of safe, defensive driving techniques.

Driving Hazard Recognition
Safe drivers recognize potential hazards and stay out of harm's way. With our Driving Hazard Recognition course, you'll learn techniques for negotiating intersections and blind spots as well as avoiding erratic drivers, pedestrians, animals, and parked vehicles. You'll also learn about driving with limited visibility and in slippery conditions. Paying extra attention to common driving hazards can help ensure that your passengers and cargo return home safely.

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