SciMatCo SC9040 Mini Stak-a-Cab Flammables Cabinet

Wood Flammable Cabinet, 31" x 17" Mini Stak-a-Cab Cabinet

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SciMatCo SC9040 Mini Stak-a-Cab Flammables Cabinet Features: Constructed of 1" multi-ply exterior-grade plywood. Individual cabinet is designed for stacking or as a stand-alone unit for the laboratory bench. Bright yellow finish for immediate identification. Allows for safe compatible organization of your laboratory chemicals. Cabinet floor constructed as a 2" liquid tight trough meeting the OSHA requirement for secondary containment. Cabinet supplied with internal metal lock. All cabinets constructed to meet or exceed all applicable NFPA and OSHA standards. UL listed. Self-closing door models are constructed to meet and exceed all applicable Uniform Fire Code standards. Specifications: Color: Yellow Approx. Capacity: 8 x 1 Gallon Exterior Dimensions: 31"W x 17"H x 14 1/2"D.

The Benefits of Wooden Flammables Cabinets

non metallic flammables cabinetWhile the benefits of a wooden Acid/Corrosives cabinet (no rust) are immediately obvious, the benefits of a SciMatCo wooden flammables cabinet are far less obvious, but equally as important. Wood is a thermal insulator and will not distort or bend in heat of a fire. Wooden flammables cabinets are the best alternative for protection against the heat and flame of a fire.

Although both cabinets' construction are recognized by OSHA, NFPA and UFC (with self-closing doors) as meeting the standards for a flammables cabinet, we think the choice is obvious. Wood is the best alternative for protection against the heat and flame of a fire. Why not get more protection? You have the protection you deserve with a SciMatCo flammables cabinet.

  • Meets all OSHA, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and UFC (Uniform Fire Code) standards
  • Cabinets are constructed of 1" thick, multi-ply, exterior-grade plywood
  • Finished with yellow chemical-resistant paint (inside and out)
  • Provided with lock and two keys; all hardware chemical-resistant
  • Continuous piano-type hinges on door
  • All cabinet joints are rabbeted to provide exceptional cabinet strength
  • Cabinet floor constructed as a 2" liquid-tight trough to contain spillage.
  • Self-closing doors available upon request

Wood vs. Metal Flammable Cabinets

A wooden flammables cabinet? Is it possible? Yes. Not only possible, but better. Below are a few comparisons between wooden and metal flammable cabinets and their performance during a fire.

Protection from the Flames of a Fire

Yes, wood burns. But, a cabinet constructed with 1" plywood using specifications developed by both OSHA, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) , and UFC (Uniform Fire Code) will meet all the requirements for a flammables cabinet. The question is, how long will the wooden flammables cabinet protect the materials inside from flame? The answer: just as long as a metal flammables cabinet.

Wooden flammables cabinets do not distort or bend when involved in a fire. The only way for the fire to get inside is to burn all the way through. Metal flammable cabinets can bend and distort in a fire, opening themselves and their contents to the flames.

Protection from the High Temperature of a Fire

A wooden flammables cabinet is a thermal insulator. The rapid rise in temperature due to a fire will have little or no impact on the inside temperature of the cabinet, thus protecting the contents from the high temperature of a fire. Metal is a heat conductor. Metal flammables cabinets can and will pass the rapid rise in temperature on to the contents in the flammables cabinets. Glass bottles in a metal flammables cabinet have been known to break, releasing their vapors and liquids. Metal containers can pop their lids due to high temperatures experienced during a fire. Metal cabinets become ovens when involved in a fire.

Flammable liquid storage cabinets are required to meet the specifications set up by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA#30) and OSHA (29CFR1910.106.) Additionally, some states and/or local agencies may require that the cabinets also follow the specifications under the Uniform Fire Code (UFC 79.202) which requires flammable storage cabinets to have self-closing doors. Carefully check to make sure you are required to meet the specifications for self-closing doors. It will add to the purchase price of your cabinet.

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