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Transferpette® S pipettes — Buy 3 Transferpette® S single channel pipettes, get one FREE*!
Transferpette® multichannel pipettes — Buy 2 Transferpette® multichannel pipettes (S style or electronic), get a Transferpette® S single channel starter set or a multichannel pipette FREE*!

Repeating Pipettes

HandyStep® electronic — Buy a HandyStep® electronic repeating pipette, get a Transferpette® S FREE*!

Pipette Controllers

Macro™ pipette controller — Buy 2 Macros, get 2 Macros FREE*!
Accu-jet® pro pipette controller — Buy 3 Accu-jet® pros, get one FREE*!


Dispensette® S — Buy 3 Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers, get one FREE*!

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