Sterile Mixed Cellulose MCE Syringe Filters, Choose Porosity/Diameter, pack/100

Sterile Mixed Cellulose MCE Syringe Filters, Choose Porosity/Diameter, pack/100

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We offer HPLC Certified, high quality and cost effective syringe filters. These non-sterile hydrophilic mixed cellulose esters MCE syringe filters are available in two different porosities 0.45 µm and 0.22 µm and two diameters 25mm and 13mm. They are available in packs of 100.


  • Disposable
  • Luer-Lock; and pressure fitting
  • Ultrasonically bonded for reliability
  • Filter media type clearly inscribed on barrel
  • Excellent unit-to-unit and lot-to-lot reproducibility and consistency
  • High purity virgin polypropylene housing, no dyes or pigments added
  • Every unit type is available as an individually wrapped gamma sterilized pack
  • Unique concentric funnel shaped barrel increases volume and decreases back pressure

Simple Product Selection

  1. Evaluate sample: Determine chemical compatibility, volume and need for prefiltration
  2. Determine level of prefiltration necessary: In filter unit vs. prefilter unit in series for coarse precipitants.
  3. Choose filter media type: Aqueous: Nylon, MCE, CA or Non-polar: Nylon, PTFE, PVDF or Protein: PVDF, PES
  4. Choose barrel diameter: 10 mL: 13 mm diameter or 100 mL: 25 mm diameter
  5. Choose initial or secondary retention target: 0.45 µm or 0.20 µm

Applications - Mixed Cellulose Esters MCE - Hydrophilic

  • This membrane is recommended for all filtrations in aqueous or polar media, bacteria filtration
  • Ideal when maximum protein recovery in filtrate is crucial
  • Used for filtration and inspection of gas, oil and alcohol particulate and bacteria
  • Combined with glass microfiber prefilter, ideal for tissue culture media and sensitive biological samples
  • Sample filtration - prefilter increases yield
Part # Porosity / Diameter Millipore Equivalent MFS/Advantec Equivalent
IWT-ES10098 0.22 µm / 13 mm n/a n/a
IWT-ES10099 0.45 µm / 13 mm n/a n/a
IWT-ES10100 0.22 µm / 25 mm SLGS025NB 25AS020AN
IWT-ES10101 0.45 µm / 25 mm SLHA025NB 25AS045AN

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