Stir Bars

Offered in many colors, sizes and configurations, our stir bars come with PTFE coated or Pyrex® glass coated ALNICO V magnets, in octagonal, oval, polygonal and egg shaped varieties, with or without pivot rings for low-friction stirring.

Our small, efficient Flea Micro® stirring bars are ideal for vials, micro test tubes, centrifuge tube mixing.

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  • 6 Foot Stirring Paddle
    Part #: DL-107195

  • Large Stirring Paddle, Solid Surface, 3" x 6" x 36", pack/4
    Part #: DL-107185

    $178.00 $166.08
  • Small Stirring Paddle, Solid Surface, 2" x 3" x 20", pack/4
    Part #: DL-107165

    $87.00 $85.68
  • Stirrer Kit, HDPE, Stirring & Perforated Mixing Paddle
    Part #: DL-107035-2000

    $175.00 $166.55