ThermoFlo Max Hydration Sports Team Water Chiller, 30 Gal Insulated Cooler, 6 Drinking Stations

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Cramer Part # 027200. Cramer Hydration Station.

From major college football teams to small high school lacrosse teams, keeping your athletes healthy means keeping them hydrated. No matter what your specific circumstances may be, Cramer provides a full line of hydration systems to meet even the most specific needs. So whether you need several large units with maximum capacity, a completely portable mister or simply something that fits in your budget, Cramer has you covered. ThermoFlo Max Hydration Unit, Insulated Cooler w/ 30-Gallon (120 Qt) Ice Capacity, 6 Drinking Stations

Provide safe, portable hydration on the field. The ThermoFlo Max Hydration Unit supplies an unlimited water supply and was designed to be lighter than traditional battery-powered units for easier transportation. This pressure-driven unit hooks up to an outside water supply and uses copper coils to provide continuous flow of chilled water.

This unit features a 120-quart cooler, dual 30-foot copper coils, and 6 drinking stations with self-retracting hoses. All connections are designed with the highest quality fittings for longevity and dependability, and all components are made with FDA-approved materials for safety and drinkability.

  • Six drinking station unit
  • Insulated cooler with 120 qt (30 gallon) ice capacity
  • Dual 30' (60' total) copper coils for the ultimate in cooling capability
  • Highest quality hose fittings for the best in dependability
  • Manifold features heavy duty aluminum supports
  • Secured with two high quality nylon straps
  • White water potable hose sold separately
  • Not motorized

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Category: Orthopedic & Physical Therapy>Miscellaneous

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