Type II Safety Cans

Type II Safety Cans for Flammables by Justrite

Type II steel safety cans offer two openings at the top. One is equipped with a flexible metal hose for smooth, accurate pouring into small apertures. This hose also provides a bonding path to a receiving vessel. The second opening is used for filling.

All Type II Cans have a handle to ease carrying a full, heavy can. Both openings are equipped with flame arresters which reliably dissipate heat to prevent flashback ignition. Both openings self-close to prevent spillage and safety cans automatically vent between 3 and 5 psig to guard against pressure build-up at elevated temperatures and potential explosion.

Heavy-duty, coated steel with reinforcing ribs and tough powder paint finish offers exceptional on-the-job durability. Justrite's quality is backed by an exclusive Ten-Year Warranty. All cans meet OSHA and NFPA, are FM Approved and UL/ULC Listed.