Wall Mount Quick-Release Retractable Safety Barrier, 15'

Wall Mount Quick-Release Retractable Safety Barrier, 15'

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Banner Stakes® Safety Barrier Permanent Wall Mount System provides up to 15 feet of safety barricade to routinely block off hallways and out-of-bounds areas. When you need a more permanent safety barrier system, our wall mount kits are perfect for hallways, aisles, bathrooms, and more. Retractable belt barrier slips easily into the permanent wall mount fittings, saving time when you routinely need to block off the same area. Leave the mounting hardware but take the belt barrier with you when not in use.


  • Includes: Head Wall Mount, Wall Receiver, 6 Wood Screws, 6 Wall Anchors, and 4 Zip Ties, 15" Banner Head
  • Belt barricade tape is made of 2.5" wide polyester woven fabric
  • Compatible with push pin lock for added security
  • Provides versatility, portability and convenience
  • Allows for easy warnings alleviating traffic in work areas
  • Designed to be surface mounted for use when floor space is limited
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use

Banner Stakes is the industry leader in retractable safety barriers. A must-have for any work place where safety, savings, and the environment are a concern. Offering top quality portable safety barricades for any industry: Automotive, Aviation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Janitorial & Sanitation, MRO, Construction, Healthcare, Crowd Control, Safety, Equipment Maintenance, Warehousing, and Traffic Control.

Message and Color options include:

  • Yellow "Authorized Personnel Only"
  • Yellow "Caution"
  • Yellow Double-Sided "Caution"
  • Yellow "Caution-Cuidado"
  • Yellow "Caution-Do Not Enter"
  • Yellow "Cleaning in Progress"
  • Yellow "Closed for Maintenance"
  • Yellow "Out of Service"
  • Yellow "Wet Floor" Banner
  • Yellow "Attention – Entrée Interdite"
  • Red "Danger High Voltage Keep Out"
  • Red "Danger - Keep Out"
  • Red "Do Not Enter - Arc Flash Boundary"
  • Red "Restricted Area"
  • Red "Stay Behind the Line" Banner
  • Red "Danger – Entrée Interdite"
  • Red/White Diagonal Stripe Banner
  • Orange "Keep Area Clear" Banner
  • Orange "Danger - Forklift Traffic"
  • Black and Yellow stripes
  • Red and White stripes
  • Custom options available

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