SARS-CoV-2 COVID Rapid Tests

For Consumers: FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) OTC At Home COVID antigen rapid tests diagnose active COVID infections. These rapid test kits are sporadically available depending on the supply chain and can be purchased directly by consumers. Please inquire for current availability.

For professionals: CLIA laboratory and Medical-license only antigen tests are more readily available from various suppliers but cannot be purchased without proper licensing.

Finger-Prick Antibody Rapid Test Kits diagnose previous infections only, not active infections. These require a blood sample rather than a nasal swab.

PCR Testing

Professional PCR testing for COVID-19 infections is available through CP Lab Safety. A person with a medical license may purchase these products. A nurse is required to be on-site to administer the tests; facilities without their own medical staff can request a quotation for a hired nurse to be sent to your location to administer the tests. Quotation will be based on number of employees to be tested and facility location. PCR swabs are sent overnight to a CLIA laboratory for testing, and results are usually available within 2 business days.

Veterinary Diagnostics

We carry a broad variety of transport media for veterinary diagnosis of pathogens, including media for transporting Trichomonas samples in Cattle and Sars-COVID samples in humans. Custom media pours are also available for various pathogens. Contact us for custom development.