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Lab Safety Guidelines

CP Lab Safety's "Lab Rats" Present Basic Laboratory Safety Guidelines.

Our common sense Lab Safety Guidelines are ideal for academic laboratories and provide a cute reminder to students to work safely. Please click here to download a PDF copy of our Laboratory Safety Guidelines, which are free for common use.


Lab Safety Guidelines

Wear appropriate clothing!
• Safety glasses
• Protective gloves
• Lab coat
• Closed toed shoes (no sandals!)

Don’t wear jewelry or loose articles
• Tie long hair back
• Do not wear neckties or scarves
• Remove rings, dangling earrings and necklaces

Know the Rules and Follow Safety Procedures
Locate the following before you start:
• Eye Wash station
• Safety Shower
• First Aid Kit
• Fire Extinguisher
• Emergency Phone Numbers
(Poison Control, Fire Station, Campus Police, etc.)

Handle Chemicals Safely
• Read labels
• Identify chemical hazards
• Protect your eyes, skin and lungs
• Segregate contaminated waste
• Handle glassware carefully
• Keep chemicals in secondary containers

Understand the Risks
• Bunsen burner sparks and flames can ignite chemical fumes
• Keep waste containers closed
• Never taste anything! Keep food out of the lab
• Hot glassware requires special handling
• Never work alone

Be Tidy
• Don’t leave containers on the floor
• Avoid obstructing walkways
• Report broken glass
• Clean up after yourself