Buffers and pH Control

As many biological molecules are acids or bases, and sometimes both, buffering is important to control the pH (H+ ion concentrations-aka Protons) in solutions. Many enzymes and cell processes operate within strict pH ranges and the physiological state of a biological reaction and organisms and their health is dependent on the pH of biological fluids.

Buffering capacity of a water solution depends on both acids and bases, and buffer solutions, both inorganic and organic, possess both acids and their conjugate or opposite bases to deliver or accept H+ ions (protons) in water.  In this way, combining an acid and its conjugate base, its possible to maintain or buffer changes in additional protons (H+, acidity) during chemical reactions and biological processes.  

We carry all of the standard inorganic phosphate buffers, salts and convenient pre-made solutions, as well as TRIS, HEPES, MES and MOPS buffers in a variety of concentrations and grades, as well as pH standardization solutions, cell lysis buffers, and many other unique and hard-to-find buffers used routinely in molecular biology and research labs.

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