Passive Fire Protection

The Passive Fire Protection systems are ideal in situations when there is a roaring fire around and you want to minimize the spread. These can actually extinguish the fire instantly unlike their name suggests. These have fire at its point of origin and prevent collapse through structural fire resistance. They come in form of Actuators and should be installed and maintained with proper care. The Rotork Actuators are efficient passive fire protection systems that are verified by both Underwriters Laboratories and Southwest Research Institute and hence fulfill the requirement for UL1709 and ASTM E119 and a wide range of onshore and offshore passive fire protection guidelines and requirements. The stainless steel straps and buckles as fastening system and two layer jacket material design with a Teflon coated exterior makes these actuators great as passive fire protection tool. Most of these Passive Fire Protection systems feature high-temperature resistant ceramic fiber core as their insulation material.