8" ECO Funnel Systems

eco-funnels-are-made-in-the-usaEach 8 inch ECO Funnel System includes a 2000mL capacity ECO Funnel and corresponding waste container. Some systems also include a secondary container option for maximum safety and compliance.

Our 8 inch ECO Funnels are popular because they have an added safety feature not present in the 4 inch model. An overfill protection device inside the funnel alerts a user that the container is too full. While waste is being poured into an 8" ECO funnel, the secondary air-lock tube creates a small air gap inside your waste container. In the event that the container reaches its air gap, fluid will temporarily back up into the funnel. Once the screw cap adapter is loosened, the air gap is broken and the remaining fluid will safely flow into the container.

ECO Funnel Systems are used in laboratories worldwide. They are designed to screw securely onto a waste container and cannot accidentally be knocked off or tipped over. The lid, dip tube and inner gaskets prevent fumes from escaping the waste container, increasing the health and safety of lab personnel while reducing the risk of fire. We manufacture ECO Funnels that fit Nalgene® waste containers with closures ranging from 38mm to 100mm, as well as 5 gallon pails and 4 liter amber glass bottles.