Aromatic Benzene and Phenols

One of our largest chemical categories, this family of benzene derivatives encompasses Aryl halides (Cl, Br, F, or I substituted), Benzoic Acids and Benzoic Acid Esters, Nitrobenzenes, Benzaldehydes, Alkyl Benzenes, Resorcinols, Anilines, Thiophenols, Phenols, Aminomethyl Substituted, Phenylacetic acids, Methylenedioxo substituted, Benzophenones, Acetophenones, Styrenes, Fluorobenzenes, Sulphonamides, Salicylates, Cinnamic Acid Derivatives, Nitriles, Benzamides, Phenylethylamines and Di-Tri and Polyfunctionalized Derivatives, Organoborons, Grignards and Reactive Intermediates. To find the Benzenes and Derivatives that are not listed here, Ask A Chemist