Why We Recycle Batteries

CP Lab Safety Explains Why We Recycle Batteries with an Infographic and a Solution




CP Lab Safety’s Mission is to keep people healthy and safe.   It is the foundation on which this company was built almost 20 years ago. 

Long term, we know that without a healthy planet there can be no healthy people. The daily choices we make in what and how we dispose of common items such as:  plastics, metals, chemicals, paper, aluminum, tin, glass, Styrofoam, electronics, rubber, oil and batteries makes an impact on our planet.

Batteries are a staple of everyday life.  Constant use of cell phones, tablets and computers create massive piles of spent batteries that contain metal and acid.  Many households contain drawers full of batteries that may be partially or completely spent.  Due to a lack of knowledge of what to do with those batteries, most get tossed in household garbage that end up in landfills. This practice is problematic to our long term health and the health of our planet.

We’ve created an info-graphic about alkaline batteries and the impact they have on our planet. We’ve also created a beginning to a solution.

ECO Battery Bin is an environmentally friendly way to test and dispose of consumer batteries.  It is a battery recycling receptacle that features an integrated diagnostic test to allow the consumer to determine remaining life in AAA, AA, C and D batteries. This provides individuals and organizations with the means to actively contribute to a safer, healthier planet and safer, healthier people.  After all, that is our Mission.

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