Glass Bottles and Containers

Glass Bottles and containers provide the best sample integrity. Glass is inert and thus more chemically compatible than plastic, so the only concern about the chemical resistance of lab glassware is the type of liner inside the cap. All popular lab bottle styles are available, including Boston Rounds, Wide Mouth Rounds, Straight Sided Jars, Square Sided Bottles, and Plastic Coated Bottles. Other items include Erlenmeyer glass flasks and beakers, and clear and amber vials. Bottles and Jars are available in bulk packs, with or without caps attached.

  • Amber glass is ideal for light-sensitive applications whereas Clear glass allows for maximum visibility.
  • Plastic coated glass (also called safety coated glass) prevents against dangerous spills. If the glass breaks, the plastisol coating contains the contents long enough to allow for proper disposal.
  • Glass containers can be custom pre-cleaned to many levels and specifications