4" ECO Funnels

eco-funnels-are-made-in-the-usaECO Funnels are widely used in laboratories worldwide. The smallest size, our 4 inch ECO Funnel, is available with a variety of custom screw caps that fit most common waste containers. Amber glass solvent bottles can usually accept our basic model # EF-4-38.

Review the chart on this page if you need assistance. If you cannot find the right funnel for your container, request a quote for a custom screw cap (minimum order required.)

4 inch ECO Funnels are popular because they are several inches shorter than the 8 inch model and thus fit more easily in smaller fume hoods. However, do to their small size, they do not include the overfill protection mechanism that the larger funnel features.

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 38-430mm cap adapter
    Part #: EF-4-38

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 38-400 cap adapter for Plastic Jugs
    Part #: EF-4-38-400

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 70mm 8TPI cap adapter (Rieke FS70)
    Part #: EF-4-FS70

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 63mm cap adapter
    Part #: EF-4-63B

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 53mm cap adapter (53B)
    Part #: EF-4-53B

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 70mm cap adapter (Nalgene)
    Part #: EF-4-30020

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 70mm SW cap adapter (6TPI Buttress)
    Part #: EF-4-SW

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with 83mm cap adapter (83B)
    Part #: EF-4-83B

  • 4" ECO Funnel® for Justrite® Polyethylene Disposal Cans
    Part #: EF-4-Justrite-B

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with PP Quick Disconnect Adapter
    Part #: EF-4-38-006N

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with cap adapter for 40mm Rieke Flex Spout Pails
    Part #: EF-4-FLEX40

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Adapter
    Part #: EF-4-38-008N

  • 4" ECO Funnel® with Barb Adapter for 3/8" ID Tubing
    Part #: EF-4-SF-029

    $189.00 $173.23