Non-Combustible Storage Buildings

Non-Combustible Storage Buildings

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Governmental codes dictate the correct selection and placement of hazardous chemical storage Lockers and Buildings. We can help!

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When storing liquids that are neither flammable nor combustible (such as corrosives or toxic chemicals), a Non-Combustible pre-fab storage building should be sufficient.

Our most popular line of pre-fabricated steel hazardous material storage buildings and lockers provide safe, convenient storage of chemicals, solvents, paints, and other hazardous materials. The number one choice in hazardous materials storage buildings.

Pre-fab storage buildings arrive assembled and most require a slab or other flat surface for proper installation. Permits may be required for your storage building. Consult your city or county offices for more information. All of our prefabricated outdoor storage units are custom built to order. Please call us at (888) 322-5722 for ordering information or request a quote online.