Ceramic Fiber

Get access to an extensive range of Ceramic Fiber Blankets available in various sizes. These double-needled blankets are of optimum flexibility with varying thickness and density. Offering complete resistance to thermal shock, these blankets are made from the materials that are non-brittle in nature. Ideal to use when working with furnaces, boilers, or other high temperature installations and setups, these insulation materials can withstand high temperatures and extend the life of your equipment. As these are lightweight, you can easily transport them from one place to another. The ceramic fibers packages can also include face mask, retractable knife, and large latex gloves. You can use them with high-temperature seals and gaskets, furnace door seals, expansion joint seals, etc. The blanket can be used for multiple purposes for fireproof protection. These are easy to cut and fit and are perfect for various ranges of weight loads.