Certified Bay Area Green Business

maringreenbusinessprogram.pngCP Lab Safety is certified "Green"!

A Note to Our Valued Customers:

Maybe you’re carpooling to work. Or eating locally. Perhaps you simply turn off the lights and electronics when you leave the office. But do all these   hings really matter when it comes to making our Earth healthier and more sustainable?

At CP Lab Safety we think they do. As a recognized Bay Area Green Business we strive to uphold environmentally sustainable business practices. That’s why we’re making a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2009 we returned our manufacturing from China to the U.S. resulting in more jobs in California and reducing the environmental impact our company creates during product shipping.

In subsequent years we determined to take our Three Rs - Recycle Reduce Reuse seriously – so seriously in fact that we’ve reduced our waste by 75% -- by shipping our products in recycled boxes emailing invoices and offering our Catalog only online and on CD, not in paper. At CP Lab Safety you’ll find lots of natural light and high-efficiency fluorescent lighting. What you won’t find are electronics left on when we leave the office. We reuse what we can and recycle what we can't.

In April 2016, CP Lab Safety was honored with an Environmental Stewardship Award from Congressman Jared Huffman:

"CP Lab Safety's dedication to the environment, safe water, clean air for workers and reducing their carbon footprint should serve as a model for businesses in the North Coast and beyond," said Congressman Huffman. "That's why I am honored to present this dynamic company with my Sustainable North Coast Certificate of Recognition for their dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability. I thank CP Lab Safety for their exemplary green business practices and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future!"

CP Lab Safety became a certified Bay Area Green Business July 15, 2016 and continues to build on their environmentally sound business practices every day.


eco-funnel-w-recycle-art.jpgECO Funnels® already provide environmental and health benefits by reducing toxic vapor emissions from solvent waste:

  • Prevents 99.9% of emissions of volatile waste solvents acids and bases in the laboratory
  • Solves the "open waste container" problem
  • Maintains a low average daily operating cost
  • Meets safety regulations
  • Designed to be used again and again

The use of ECO Funnels in laboratories over the last quarter century has prevented more than 1 million liters of solvent pollution through evaporation, helping to reduce the environmental impact of scientific research worldwide.

Go Green with ECO Funnels® and help eliminate toxic fumes in your environment!

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