ADA Compliant Mats

ADA Compliant Detectable Warning TilesADA Mats are Raised, Truncated Domes for the visually impaired, designed to alert blind pedestrians to safety hazards such as street crossings. It is a legal requirement to use ADA Mats (Detectable Warning Systems) in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Ultra® ADA Mats are the Best ADA-Compliant Mats around.

These detectable warning tiles are large plastic tiles that you either set into contract during construction or apply with adhesive to pre-existing concrete in order to comply with regulations. When visually impaired people encounter the raised, truncated domes with their feet, they are alerted an upcoming intersection or other danger.

ADA Mats come in many colors and sizes. Embed our Composite Wet-Set ADA mats directly in wet concrete, or use the more flexible Urethane Retrofit ADA mats when pouring new concrete is not possible. Read about ADA Detectible Warning Rules and Regulations

Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Provide tactile warning surfaces which comply with the detectable warnings on walking surfaces section of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Title 49 CFR TRANSPORTATION, Part 37.9 STANDARDS FOR ACCESSIBLE TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES, Appendix A, Section 4.29.2 DETECTABLE WARNINGS ON WALKING SURFACES