Spill Platform Accessories

Drum Spill Platform Accessories such as clips and sump to sump attachments. Combine drum modular units as capacity needs increase. Use joining clips to firmly lock units together and expand your storage space. Sumps remain separate and Clips can be removed for easy repositioning. The Sump-to-Sump Drain Kit allows you to join Drum Accumulation Centers together on-site, for full compliance with EPA and UFC regulations when combined sump capacities meet 66 gallons.

  • Eagle® Low Profile Ramp for Spill Platforms
    Part #: EG-1689

  • Eagle® Drum Platform Grating for 1633 Modular
    Part #: EG-1642S

    $118.00 $116.12
  • Replacement Polyethylene Grate (48"L x 24"W x 2"H)
    Part #: UT-0420

    $179.00 $171.78
  • Assembly Kit for Modular IBC Pallet Kit
    Part #: UT-1118

    $139.00 $136.50
  • Bulkhead Fittings (2) for Modular IBC Spill Pallet
    Part #: UT-1117

  • Eagle® Tarp Drum Cover for 2-Drum Pallets, Yellow
    Part #: EG-T8603

  • Eagle® Tarp Drum Cover for 4-Drum Pallets, Yellow
    Part #: EG-T8604

  • Eagle® Tarp, Dolly Cover for Drum Dollies, Yellow
    Part #: EG-T8609

  • Justrite AK28912 Replacement Polyester Strap for Drum Caddy
    Part #: JP-AK28912

    $58.00 $54.37
  • Justrite® Accumulation Center Accessory, Joining Clips
    Part #: JP-28926

  • Justrite® Outdoor Spill Containment Drum Caddy, Strap-Yellow
    Part #: JP-28664

  • Justrite® Ramp for Drum Shed in Black or Yellow, Poly
    Part #: JP-28679

  • Ramp Accessory for Low Profile Spill Control Platforms
    Part #: LG-SSB-RAMP

  • Replacement Polyethylene Grate (24"L x 24"W x 3"H)
    Part #: UT-0423

    $93.00 $88.58
  • Safety Cabinet Spill Sump
    Part #: LG-SSF-2045

  • Securall® DSSR60 Drum Spill Containment Pallet Ramp
    Part #: SA-DSSR60