Metal Caps

Metal Caps offer the widest range of temperature tolerances and are very resistant to fracture from impact. Metal caps are great for industrial and food applications. A metal closure is manufactured from either steel (coated with anti-corrosive coating of either chromeplate or tinplate) or aluminum. Choose Plastisol, Pulp/Aluminum Foil or Solid PE liners.

White Pulp/Polyethylene Lined Metal Caps are a great general purpose closure. They are ideal for powders and non-acidic food products and consumer products such as jar candles and honey.

Plastisol Lined Metal Caps offer excellent resistance to mild acids as in food products. Permits "hot fill" operations to effectively produce a vacuum seal.

Pulp/Aluminum Foil Lined Metal Caps are typically used for food applications. Free of odor and taste problems. Also can be used for non-acid, non-alkaline products. Great for organic solvents, chrome cleaners, brake fluids and mineral oils.