Cleaning Services

Please note: We can only clean NEW bottles.We do not wash or re-clean used bottles.

Bottle Sterilization and Cleaning Services: Overview

Many of the bottles offered by CP Lab Safety can be ordered pre-cleaned and sometimes certified in the processes outlined below. To order a glass container pre-cleaned, find the part # you want and call us at (888) 322-5722 or email via the button below for a quotation.

Please note that bottles with caps assembled with glue, as well as safety coated glass items, are not cleanable. All pre-cleaned containers are supplied with caps attached, so only certain cleanable caps can be chosen. We offer a wide variety of custom bottle and closure combinations.  All bottles quoted for cleaning procedures must be purchased through CP Lab Safety.

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Sterilization: E-Beam Radiation Processing*

Get your bottles cleaned at the only X-Ray and DEA approved E-Beam facility in the USA. Our cleaning facility is ISO 11137 and ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered, DEA registered as well as State of California Medical Device and Drug Manufacturing licensed and serve the medtech, biotech, pharmaceutical and other industries. Our facility boasts two state-of-the-art 10 MeV, 20 KW linear accelerators, using simultaneous beam processing that allows for high volume production, providing uniform dose to the product. This DualBeam™ configuration significantly increases efficiencies, expands product options, and serves as an effective back-up for the accelerators. The facility will provide the most 10 MeV sterilization capacity, the most comprehensive product options, and the highest uptime availability than any other facility in North America.

*Both Glass and Plastic can be sterilized. However, color change may occur in certain circumstances. Some glass will darken and some plastics can discolor after undergoing this process. If you would like to test your container for discoloration prior to ordering, please call us at (888) 322-5722 or email us.

Non-Sterile: Premium Cleaning Procedures

cleaned-badge.gifLevel 1 Cleaned** - Level 1 Cleaned Sample Containers are processed to meet or exceed requirements of EPA "Specifications and Guidance for Containment Free Sample Containers". Analysis is conducted by an independent Laboratory and a traceable, lot-numbered specific Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided with each case of containers. As additional quality control, each case is marked with the lot number and sealed with custody tape. Check out our Environmental Express Level 1 cleaned glass jars

certified-badge.gifLevel 2 Cleaned** - Level 2 Containers are similar to above but non-certified. Best value for those who do not need an actual certificate.  Check out the Level 2 cleaned amber vials from Qorpak.


Cleaned for TOC - These containers are cleaned for Total Organic Carbons to less than 50 μg/L.

Super Clean - Super cleaned containers are typically used by companies that operate large machinery which require the oil to undergo various analytical analyses for environmental compliance and/or for routine maintenance of the machinery. Super Clean Bottles are cleaned according to strict QC procedures and meet or exceed the following specification: Less than 10 particles no greater than 14 micron size per ML.

Ultra Clean - Ultra Cleaned containers feature a proprietary cleaning process that cleans to 100 or less particles greater than 5 microns. Designed for those needing containers free from particulate contamination our cleaning procedures can utilize a variety of cleaning methods including the use of heated high purity electronics grade filtered water or ultrasonic cleaning depending on customer requirements. Bottles are quality controlled and certified.  We offer Ultra Clean glass containers from Qorpak.

**Other labware besides bottles and containers may undergo Level 1 or Level 2 cleaning procedures.  Call (888) 322-5722 or email to check if your item qualifies.

Non-Sterile: Cleaning Procedures for Qorpak® Glass Bottles Only

All Qorpak brand glass bottle and vials can be ordered with one of the custom pre-cleaning procedures outlined below.  To order bottles with a cleaning method listed below, please call us at (888) 322-5722 with your part # for a quotation and lead time.  Minimum order applies.  We carry over 200 varieties of Qorpak bottles for you to choose from.

Vacuum & Ionization
The Vacuum and Ionization process removes contaminants such as loose dirt carton lint aerosols and fine glass particles. 

V & I Cleaning Process: 
1) Compressed air passes through a condensate separator and coalescing filter to remove aerosols and fine dust particles. 
2) Next the air passes through an absorbent filter to remove gases. 
3) A vacuum draws the particulate-laden atmosphere out of the container. 
4) Individually cleaned closures are immediately placed on the container.

Benefits of V & I: 
• Is extremely cost-effective. 
• Saves time! No need to waste valuable time rewashing bottles. 
• Provides a clean final appearance. 
• You will not find any dust particles floating in your samples. 
• Seals cleanliness into each individual bottle. Since each container is individually cleaned they will not collect dust flies and other debris while stored in your lab. 
• Odor-free and tasteless. The air inside the bottle will not interfere with your product in any way.

KaptClean® Environmental Containers
All of our KaptClean® containers are available Cleaned & Certified (Level 3) or Cleaned only (Level 2). Certificate of Analysis provides a lot and stock number and meets or exceeds specifications.

KaptClean® for Semi-Volatiles - KaptClean® glass sample containers cleaned for semi-volatiles pesticides PCB’s and metals (protocol A).

KaptClean® for Volatiles - KaptClean® sample containers for use in volatile organic analysis (protocol B).

KaptClean® for Metals - KaptClean® HDPE sample containers cleaned for metals meets or exceeds analyst specifications (protocol C).

Kapt - Ready to Clean - Ready to Clean bottles are designed for users who prefer to use their own cleaning process. Ready to Clean bottles are fully assembled with polypropylene caps and a friction fit .015" PTFE disc. Both cap and liner can be washed heated or autoclaved depending upon your application. The PTFE disc is chemically inert and will not interfere with your test results.

For more information about cleaning procedures please call us at (888) 322-5722, or choose from these pre-cleaned items: