ECO Funnel Gallery


See the ECO Funnel® in action in these photos. Our safety ECO Funnels are used all over the world... in laboratories and schools, on a bench top, in a fume hood, in a sink, and even under an HPLC station! Creative customers have custom-fitted ECO Funnel® to fit in a fume hood underneath the counter... with a hole drilled in the counter so the lid is easily accessible. Others have adapter smaller filtration devices to the inside of the funnel. Browse our photos for ideas on how to use our Safety ECO Funnels.


ECO Funnel can be modified to fit your application. Scientists worldwide have come up with creative ways to adapt our ECO Funnel to their unique laboratory waste disposal systems. Call us for more information and to discuss options for customizing ECO Funnel.

Did you come up with a great fix? Email us a pictures of your idea!