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CP Lab Chemicals collects and sources all the known antibiotics used in research and medicine, representing beta-lactams, cephalosporins, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, and complex peptide compounds and derivatives such as the polymyxins and vancomycin and their homologs. Download an annotated guide to the major antibiotics used in medicine, agriculture, and commerce: World Atlas of Antibiotics (pdf)

We are committed to building the largest collection of commercially available antibiotics known, and we will be adding unique and new antibiotics that are useful in research and development, and to provide them to the research community worldwide.  We welcome your suggestions in this effort, and collaborations are possible with research groups to provide or obtain antibiotics of medical  importance and use.  These products are specifically designed for research use and are not approved for human or animal use or consumption. While the products are of high purity and manufactured in some cases under GMP conditions, and they are for Research Use Only. Need help?  Ask A Chemist!

Download the Antibiotics Quick List