Insulation Board

These Thermal Insulation Boards are available in form of fiberglass reinforced plastic material sheets or mica boards, available in varying sizes. Being the most widely used insulation material in modern times, the fiber glass reinforced plastic sheets are effectively woven of fine strands and hence can minimize heat transfer. The basic composition of this insulation board is that of silicone, glass powder, and tiny glass shards. These are non-flammable in nature, are more corrosion resistant and are cost-effective. The insulation sheet have UL temperature index ratings of 120°C to 210°C electrical and 130°C to 210°C mechanical. The mica boards on the other hand, are not only resistant to electric arc and erosion, but are pressure resistant and are non-permeable to high-frequency waves. Featuring a heat resistant to up to 550˚F, these boards are perfect replacement for asbestos-cement plates. Both these boards are available with us and offer an exceptional value when compared to other high-pressure laminates such as epoxy, silicone, or mica. They can be punched, drilled, milled, sawed, sanded, sheared, or routed.