HPLC Adapters

HPLC Adapters

ECO Funnels can be equipped with HPLC fittings, allowing the operator to connect waste lines directly to the funnel. At your request, we can add one or more waste line adapters to the side of the body of your funnel. Installation is free of charge and requires custom drilling. Customized ECO Funnels cannot be returned.

How do I order HPLC / LC-MS waste line adapters with my ECO Funnel?

To order HPLC adapters, vent filters, or carbon filters attached to your ECO Funnel(s), the first step is to add all the desired items to your cart and place the order (including all the ECO Funnels and adapters you need.) We can place up to six adapters on each 4" funnel and up to eight on an 8" funnel, so plan carefully. Please note that we do recommend you add a vent filter when you add more than one waste line adapter to an ECO Funnel for easy pressure release in case the chemicals inside the container expand.

Once your order is placed, we will send you a diagram where you can mark the precise location for each adapter, to ensure we customize the funnels correctly. You can download the PDF of the diagrams here for 4 inch ECO Funnels and 8 inch ECO Funnels, to review them before ordering, or wait until we email it to you.

Once you've filled out the diagram, we will custom-drill and securely fit the desired adapters to the funnel body and ship it to your location, ready to install. Simple and easy assembly instructions will be included for the final steps.