The Chemistry of Pumpkin Spice

Tis the season to go crazy for pumpkin spice, but what exactly is ‘pumpkin spice,’ and why do we love it? The aromatic components of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove combine to summon fond memories of previous Autumns by stimulating our cerebral cortex. The smell causes positive feelings accrued in previous seasons to come to the fore, reminding us of all those cozy moments with a warm, comforting beverage as the weather turns colder. Additionally, the classic pumpkin spice aroma reminds us of the holidays, as the various spices are often featured in the pies, cookies and cakes served throughout the Autumn and Winter holidays. At CP Lab Safety, we’re ringing in the Fall with this fun Chemistry of Pumpkin Spice infographic. We hope you enjoy it as much as your latte!

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