Chemical Transfer Fittings

Chemical Transfer Safety Fittings 

Eliminate cross contamination when transferring chemicals into a tank with these Chemical transfer safety fittings! This new system of hazardous material couplings match colors and shapes to prevent industrial accidents. KemKey™ couplings prevent the accidental transfer of a chemical into the tank of an incompatible product.
Use the following colors/shapes for these chemicals:

  • Acids: Orange Hexagon For acids
  • Oxidizers: Yellow Pentagon For oxidizers such as bleach
  • Reducers: Green Heptagon: For reducing agents such sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, etc.
  • Bases: Blue Square For bases (high pH) such as caustics
  • Poisons: Purple Nonagon For toxic or hazardous to organisms
  • Non-hazardous: Teal Oval For non-hazardous and non-reactive fluids