ECO Funnels

ECO Funnels

ECO Funnel® makes solvent waste disposal safer by blocking fumes from escaping, even when the lid is open. ECO Funnels help with EPA and OSHA compliance and increase the health and safety of laboratory personnel.

Customize your eco funnels with HPLC adapters"The Safety ECO Funnel is an ideal containment system that eliminates the danger of ignited vapors and spills from open chemical waste containers." - Steve Carrol, San Diego Fire Marshal and Biotech Inspector

How do I pick the right ECO Funnel for my container?

Ordering custom HPLC / LC-MS

It's easy to order HPLC & LC-MS waste line adapters to be custom-fitted to your ECO Funnel to streamline the waste collection process. If the menu on each funnel page doesn't have the correct configuration for your process, you can manually select the correct number and size from our HPLC Adapter page and add them to your shopping cart. We will send a diagram so you can choose the layout. Visit Custom HPLC for details.

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