ECO Funnels

ECO Funnels

Stop Lab Solvent Evaporation and Ensure Safe Waste Disposal with ECO Funnel®. ECO Funnel is the top-rated laboratory solvent funnel for safe waste disposal and chemical fume containment and the leading laboratory safety funnel designed specifically for safe and compliant chemical waste disposal. This innovative waste funnel effectively captures 99.9% of hazardous chemical fumes, protecting your personnel's health and reducing the risk of fire.

  • Superior Fume Control: The unique inner tube design and secure lid system create an airtight seal, preventing hazardous fumes from escaping even when the lid is open.
  • Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal: ECO Funnel significantly reduces solvent evaporation, minimizing VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions and contributing to a greener environment.
  • Safe & Easy to Use: The ECO Funnel securely threads onto most laboratory waste containers, enabling mess-free waste transfer. The wide funnel opening facilitates easy pouring. Choose the perfect screw cap fit from dozens of options or have a custom cap designed for your proprietary waste container.
  • Compliance Partner: Promote a safe lab environment and simplify laboratory waste disposal procedures to meet EPA and OSHA regulations.
  • Invest in Your Team's Wellbeing: ECO Funnel prioritizes the health and safety of your lab personnel by minimizing exposure to carginogenic and other hazardous chemical fumes.

With more than 30 years of history, all the ECO Funnels in circulation provide 1000+ gallons of solvent from evaporating every day. That's a huge achievement in terms of safeguarding the environment.

Customize your eco funnels with HPLC adapters"The Safety ECO Funnel is an ideal containment system that eliminates the danger of ignited vapors and spills from open chemical waste containers." - Steve Carrol, San Diego Fire Marshal and Biotech Inspector

How do I pick the right ECO Funnel for my container?

It's easy to order HPLC & LC-MS waste line adapters

Adapters to be custom-fitted to your ECO Funnel to streamline the waste collection process. Select the number and size/type from our HPLC Adapter page and add them to your shopping cart. We will send a diagram so you can choose the layout. Visit Custom HPLC for details.