Pressure Seal Caps

Pressure-sensitive caps with adhesive Foam-seal Release Coating is designed to be used as an innerseal to seal solid products, such as dry foods and pharmaceuticals. This liner will provide a tight seal on both glass and plastic bottles. The sealability of this product is related to surrounding temperature, application torque and the age of the product especially when the pressure sensitive adhesive coating is exposed to air and light. Prospective users are urged to re-test for their specific application before use.

  • Designed with an EVA-based pressure sensitive (PS)adhesive coated on Foam-Seal (extruded foamed Polystyrene) and a release coating on the back
  • A seal is developed at room temperature by pressure only
  • FDA Compliance: 21 CFR 175.125(b) (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives); 21 CFR 175.300 (Resinous and polymeric coatings)