Drum Feed Safety Clamps

Drum Lock Safety Clamps are designed specifically for plastic* chemical feed drums. They lock onto a 2" opening and prevent chemicals from off-gassing into the environment while also preventing environmental pollutants from contaminating the chemicals. A variety of colors are offered for differentiation. These safety clamps help you comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA.) Use in tandem with our serialized Drum Seal Tags & Solid Filter for safe offline storage of chemical drums (lock-out, tag-out.) Choose the inner filter design that best fits your application. All filters are resistant to all chemicals that can be stored safely in a plastic drum.* Chemical Compatibility Chart

white chemical filterStandard Chemical Filter (best seller): White media, easy to "see" when to replace the filter. Radial cut design is flexible and allows for use with a range of tubing sizes, from 3/8" to 1". Hole size: flexible filter with tear-out ringsChoose-Your-Size Filter with Tear-Out Center Rings: Choose from 4 hole sizes in one filter. For use with 3/8" (OD) feed tubing, 3/8" drum probes, 1/2" drum probes, or 1" flex hose. Hole(s): 8mm, 16mm, 22mm or 30mm
cleaning and sanitation filter for use with 3/8Cleaning & Sanitation Filter: Special-use filter designed specifically for use with a standard 3/8" drum probe. Hole: 16mm solid filter for lock-out tag-out of chemical drumsSolid Filter: Prevent contaminants from entering the chemical drum while offline or in storage. Use in conjunction with the Chemical Drum Seal CFS-1014_10pk for compliant lock-out, tag-out. Hole: none

*None of our drum clamps are safe for use with chemicals that are only stored in metal drums, such as fuels, hydrocarbons, etc. Such chemicals are generally not safe for use with plastics.