An ampule is an all-glass container that can be hermetically sealed to preserve sample purity and extend sample shelf life. Wheaton ampules are ideal for standards packaging, environmental standards, diagnostic standards and cryogenic storage. These clear ampules help reduce sample contamination due to their ultimate tamper-evident seal. Wheaton ampules are offered in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 ML capacity. The Gold Band® pre-scored feature eliminates filing. Two sealing methods can be used on these ampules. Tip Sealing Method: Holding the ampule body, insert the ampule stem into the sealing flame. Heat the stem 3-4 MM from the top of the ampule, until the melted glass fuses into a smooth dome. The Pull Seal Method: Hold top in the fingers of one hand. The flame should be approximately one-third of the way from the Gold Band and your fingers. As the glass softens, continue to rotate the ampule while pulling the top off the ampule. This will require very little force, allowing the glass to seal itself. As the top separates from the ampule, sealing occurs. This method can be used for all Ampule configurations.

  • 7mL Scintillation Vial, PE, 16mm PP Caps, case/1000
    Part #: DWK-58503-7

    $269.08 $165.42
  • WHEATON® 6mL Sampule®, HDPE, 18mm PP Caps, case/1000
    Part #: WH-986644

    $228.00 $217.76
  • WHEATON® 5mL Glass Ampules, Clear, Pre-Scored, case/144
    Part #: WH-176779

    $86.00 $82.47
  • WHEATON® 5mL Amber Glass Ampules, Pre-Scored, case/144
    Part #: WH-176799

    $120.00 $115.19
  • WHEATON® Ampule Snapper for 1 and 2mL, Sizes, case/144
    Part #: WH-177105

  • WHEATON® 1.2mL Clear Cryule Cryogenic Ampule, case/144
    Part #: WH-651463

    $88.00 $84.00
  • WHEATON® 1.2mL Cryule Ampule, Clear, Prescored, case/144
    Part #: WH-651483

    $103.00 $99.19
  • KIMBLE® KIMAX® Ampules, 10mL, case/576
    Part #: KC-12010L-10

    $441.00 $427.59
  • KIMBLE® KIMAX® Ampules, 1mL, case/1152
    Part #: KC-12010L-1

    $431.00 $418.64
  • KIMBLE® KIMAX® Ampules, 20mL, case/288
    Part #: KC-12010L-20

    $337.00 $327.83
  • KIMBLE® KIMAX® Ampules, 2mL, case/1152
    Part #: KC-12010L-2

    $423.00 $410.87
  • KIMBLE® KIMAX® Ampules, 5mL, case/864
    Part #: KC-12010L-5

    $397.00 $386.07
  • WHEATON® 1.5mL Cryule Cryogenic Ampule, case/144
    Part #: WH-651464

    $83.00 $80.11
  • WHEATON® 10mL Ampule, Clear, Pre-Scored, case/144
    Part #: WH-176780

    $111.00 $107.33
  • WHEATON® 10mL Vacule Vacuum Ampule, 22-350 Cap, case/200
    Part #: WH-651907

    $208.00 $199.04
  • WHEATON® 1mL Amber Glass Ampules, Pre-Scored, case/144
    Part #: WH-176792

    $66.00 $63.11
  • WHEATON® 1mL Glass Ampules, Clear, Pre-Scored, case/144
    Part #: WH-176772

    $60.00 $57.80