Recycle Gas and Aerosol

Prosolv™ is the safe and economical way to dispose of calibration gas cylinders. This simple to use, manually operated venting device removes the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem from propane, map, and calibration gas cylinders (not to be used with oxygen bottles). It empties and filters the propellant, taking the cylinder from a hazardous to a non-hazardous state, helping you comply with EPA 40CFR261.23(a)(6).

Aerosolv® is the safe and economical way to dispose of aerosol cans. It changes Aerosol cans from solid hazardous waste to a non-hazardous, fully recyclable state. This eliminates the expense of solid waste disposal of aerosol cans. Every 100 cans punctured and emptied by Aerosolv® increases recyclable scrap metal by 25 lb. and reduces solid waste by 10 cubic feet. Simply insert inverted can, tighten sliding plate to engage, and press handle to pierce a smooth edged hole into the dome of the can. Carbide-tipped piercing pin withstands repeated use with no visible signs of wear after puncturing 10,000 aerosol cans