vertical-gift-card-stack.jpgSpecial Offers and Promo Codes for CP Lab Safety

Now we're offering bigger and better gift cards (GC) with large orders. Plus you always get Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental USA only) so it's a real win-win! Please note: You'll see only a $0.01 discount added to your shopping cart when you apply one of these promo codes, but don't worry! That's the secret code that tells us to send you a gift card.

Choose one of the following promotional codes to apply to your order. Gift Cards cannot be stacked with other offers and discounts except for bulk quantity discounts. One coupon code per order.

Free Geek Chic Swag with $100 purchase
(Must ship within the continental United States)
Promo code Free Item
BOWTIE Periodic Table Bow tie
NECKTIE Periodic Table Necktie
SCARF Periodic Table Scarf
FREELANYARD Periodic Table Lanyard
FREEHAT Periodic Table Hat
DOGLEASH Periodic Table Dog Leash
TOTEBAG Periodic Table Tote Bag


$25 Gift Card with $250 order
Promo code Free Item
FREEJAVA $25 Starbucks® GC
AMAZON $25 Amazon® GC
DUNKIN $25 Dunkin® GC
TARGET25 $25 Target® GC
LABRAT $25 LabRatGifts® GC
DAVEANDB $25 Dave and Busters® GC
SUBWAY $25 Subway Sandwiches® GC
BRINKER $25 Brinker® restaurants GC
(Chili's, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano's and On The Border)
GAP $25 Gap Stores® GC
WSONOMA $25 Williams Sonoma®GC
CPLAB $25 CP Lab Safety store credit (toward a future order)
FANDANGO $25 Fandango® GC
HOMEDEPOT $25 Home Depot® GC
DAIRYQ25 $25 Dairy Queen® GC
COLD25 $25 Cold Stone Creamery® GC
SOUTH25 $25 Southwest® GC
DISNEY25 $25 Disney® GC


$40 Gift Card with $500 order
Promo code Free Item
JAVA40 $40 Starbucks® GC
AMAZON40 $40 Amazon® GC
PIZZA40 $40 Pizza* GC
DUNKIN40 $40 Dunkin® GC
TARGET40 $40 Target® GC
SUBWAY40 $40 Subway® GC
WSONOMA40 $40 Williams Sonoma®GC
CPLAB40 $40 CP Lab Safety store credit (toward a future order)
HOME40 $40 Home Depot® GC
DAIRYQ40 $40 Dairy Queen® GC
COLD40 $40 Cold Stone Creamery® GC
SOUTH40 $40 Southwest® GC


$120 Gift Card with $2,000 order
Promo code Free Item
JAVA120 $120 Starbucks® GC
AMAZON120 $120 Amazon® GC
PIZZA120 $120 Pizza* GC
DUNKIN120 $120 Dunkin® GC
TARGET120 $120 Target® GC
SUBWAY120 $120 Subway Sandwiches® GC
WSONOMA120 $120 Williams Sonoma®GC
CPLAB120 $120 CP Lab Safety store credit (toward a future order)
HOME120 $120 Home Depot® GC
SOUTH120 $120 Southwest® GC


$300 Gift Card with $5,000 order
Promo code Free Item
JAVA300 $300 Starbucks® GC
AMAZON300 $300 Amazon® GC
PIZZA300 $300 Pizza* GC
DUNKIN300 $300 Dunkin® GC
TARGET300 $300 Target® GC
SUBWAY300 $300 Subway Sandwiches® GC
CPLAB300 $300 CP Lab Safety store credit (toward a future order)
HOME300 $300 Home Depot® GC
SOUTH300 $300 Southwest® GC


$600 Gift Card with $10,000 order
Promo code Free Item
JAVA600 $600 Starbucks® GC
AMAZON600 $600 Amazon® GC
PIZZA600 $600 Pizza* GC
DUNKIN600 $600 Dunkin® GC
TARGET600 $600 Target® GC
SUBWAY600 $600 Subway Sandwiches® GC
CPLAB600 $600 CP Lab Safety store credit (toward a future order)
HOME600 $600 Home Depot® GC
SOUTH600 $600 Southwest® GC


$800 Gift Card with $13,000 order
Promo code Free Item
DISNEY800 $800 Disneyland®
or Disneyworld® GC
BIGDEAL $800 GC, your choice**


$1,000 Gift Card with $20,000 order
Promo code Free Item
WOW1000 $1000 GC, your choice**

**Use code BIGDEAL or WOW1000 at checkout and we will send you an e-Gift Card to whichever store you want! You can Mix and Match the stores above ($100 minimum) or if you have something else in mind, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you. If we can order the gift card online, we can probably make it happen for you. Just tell us in the "Order Comments" box at checkout which store you want!

*For the Pizza gift card, please tell us which restaurant you'd prefer in the Notes / Comments Box at Checkout.

Want to Mix and Match?

Use any promo code worth $200 or more at checkout and you can make a special request that we break up your rewards into several brands or denominations. Applies to any combination of gift cards in $100 (or larger) increments.

Make sure to check out using your preferred email address, because that's where the e-gift certificate is going. We will send you a gift code once your order has shipped. Gift Cards are typically delivered in digital format (e-gift promo codes), but in the case of a physical card, it will be sent to the address on your order.

Some discounts cannot be combined with certain free gifts. Promotions are subject to change. Stay tuned for new hot deals and promotions from CP Lab Safety!

Pizza Options include:


Don't have these restaurants? Let us know who you really want, even if it's a local neighborhood pizza place. We'll call them up and try to get a gift certificate for you! We're a small business, and we love supporting others.

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*Free shipping applies only to the continental USA. Shipping carrier is chosen by CP Lab Safety when free shipping is selected by consumer.

**The Starbucks®, Dunkin' Donuts®, Target®, Amazon®, Dave and Busters®, Subway Sandwiches®, Brinker®, Gap Stores®, Williams Sonoma® names and logos are registered trademarks of their respectable corporations and are not affiliated with CP Lab Safety.