gift-cardsDid you know that CP Lab Safety gives back 5-10% of your online purchases? Reward points accrue each time an order ships. Once you have at least 250 points available, you can redeem a $25 gift to various stores using the links below. You can also refer friends or share our site with others to earn more points. Rewards include gift cards, order discounts, donations to various charities, and free gifts.

  1. Earn 5-10% back on every online order in the form of points *awarded AFTER an order ships.
  2. Select a reward from your dashboard below *Make sure you Log in first!
  3. Click "Confirm" to access the coupon code or redemption link
  4. Follow the instructions to claim your reward.
    Note: Visit the HISTORY tab below to copy your coupon code again, in case you lost it.

Review our Step-by-step tutorial to see how it's done!