Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

Wet Seal Shrink bands provide an easy, tamper evident way to seal bottles and containers. Easy to apply, the require no special machinery or heat. As they dry, they shrink and apply a continuing pressure that holds the closure in place.

Cellulose bands are tubular in shape and are kept wet in special shipping containers. They are applied wet, and they shrink as they dry in a form-fitting seal. They do not leave any residue and are biodegradable but tough and durable.

It is very simple and straightforward to apply the seals.  You receive wet seals from us, and they are still wet when you apply them to your bottles or containers.  The application process is done by hand. Allow the seals to dry naturally, and they will shrink to the shape of the container.  The shrinking usually starts in 10 – 15 minutes.  Within one hour, most seals will shrink to their final dimensions (though full shrink time varies based on air temperature, humidity, contents in the bottle, etc.)