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Fine Chemicals


Our largest category of products are Fine Chemicals, with over 48,000 in stock and ready to ship, we carry one of the most chemically-diverse collections of reagents, building blocks, monomers, and heterocycles used in research and development today.  Our  array of chemicals spans aldehydes to alkanes, ketones to benzophenones, N, O, S and mixed heterocycle ring systems, over 3,000 benzene derivatives and di- and tri-substituted building blocks, and special collections used in organic synthesis.   

The Fine Chemicals category can be searched by product name, partial product name, by Cas#, and soon structure searching!

We would be happy to assist you finding the compounds you need,  just Ask A Chemist- anytime, and we can provide compound lists by product category and functional group.

Chemical Diversity at CP Lab Chemicals

We aim to provide chemically diverse synthesis reagents for the organic and medicinal chemists in the lab, at the bench, looking for the finest reagents to perform their synthesis experiments, and all reagents are not created equal.  Different manufacturers and vendors possess varying quality and availability and we strive to acquire fully vetted manufacturers and vendors of unique and useful synthetic reagents, and they are presented below. 

With over 60 different major reagent families used in organic synthesis, we employ chemoinformatics software developed by Altoris, Inc., SARVision,  to study reagent families, determine the collection content, and find not only what chemicals are available, but what is missing in reagent structures that is needed in organic synthesis. 

We collaborate with many different vendors of fine chemicals this way, and use this knowledge to present and provide compounds to organic and medicinal chemists.    Our Fine Chemical procurement services practically know where every available molecule is across hundreds of vendors-so you don't have to- and we deliver them on time and on budget.   

While this category will continually evolve and grow, below are 30 subcategories of organic synthesis building blocks and reagents at CP Lab Chemicals.

As always, Ask A Chemist for help anytime!

Families and Compounds 


          Alkane Series                       Alkenes                      Alkynes                       Alicyclics             Aldehydes                    Ketones


     Carboxylic Acids          Primary Amines    Secondary Amines  Tertiary Amines  Quaternary Amines     Alcohols