Polycarbonate Lab Bottles and containers are transparent, lighter and safer than glass, extremely tough and non-toxic. They are autoclavable for sterile applications and useful for large-volume media and culture preparation, especially where visual inspection of contents for quality is important. Ideal for refrigerated or frozen storage of aqueous solutions.

Polycarbonate Chemical resistance

  • Excellent resistance (no attack) up to 60 C° to mineral acids, many organic acids, oxidizing and reducing agents, neutral and acid salt solutions, many greases, waxes, oils, saturated oils, aliphatic and cycloaliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols, with the exception of methyl alcohol.
  • Poor resistance to chloroform, ethylene chloride, benzene, acetone, acetonitrile, ketones, ethers, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, aqueous or alcoholic alkaline solutions, ammonia gas, etc.