IBC Spill Pallets

IBC Tote Containment: Safely store hazardous chemicals in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's or Totes) over a compliant spill sump. One and two tote designs offer you the flexibility to choose the right sump for your application. Sump of heavy gauge steel for extended life. 385-gallon sump volume exceeds EPA & UFC requirements, Sump welds are 100% inspected with low-viscous test to ensure leak-tightness, Easily removable, galvanized grating, Coated with a durable, chemical resistant finish, Custom sump designs available for special sizes of tanks and totes with special chemical equipment, Available in painted steel or galvanized finishes.
  • Spill Control Platform, Single IBC Unit, 400 gal cap
    Part #: LG-SST-IBC

  • 1-Tote IBC Containment Stand, Steel
    Part #: DN-K17-1957

  • 1-Tote IBC Dispensing Platform, Stand, Splash Guard (Painted)
    Part #: DN-K17-8002

  • 2-Tote IBC Painted Steel Spill Containment Sump
    Part #: DN-K17-3175

  • Ultra Steel Spill Pallet, IBC Tote, 370 gal sump, 14 gauge
    Part #: UT-1184

    $1,986.00 $1,932.85
  • UltraTech Twin IBC Spill Pallet, Polyethylene for 2 IBC Totes
    Part #: UT-1140

    $2,399.00 $2,336.35
  • 1-Tote IBC Containment Locker, Fire Rated
    Part #: DN-P19-1250

  • 1-Tote IBC Containment Locker, Non-Combustible
    Part #: DN-K17-3583

    $10,561.00 $10,045.71
  • 1-Tote IBC Painted Steel Dispensing Platform (Painted)
    Part #: DN-K17-3153

    $3,086.00 $3,076.58
  • 1-Tote Stainless Steel Stand with SS Grating, Single IBC
    Part #: DN-K17-2112

    $8,549.00 $8,494.98
  • 1-Tote Steel Stand, Fiberglass Grating, Single IBC
    Part #: DN-K17-2110

  • 2-Tote IBC Containment Locker, Fire Rated
    Part #: DN-P19-1300

  • 2-Tote IBC Containment Locker, Non-Combustible
    Part #: DN-K17-3585

    $14,498.00 $13,741.58
  • 2-Tote IBC Containment Pallet, Sump, Painted Steel
    Part #: DN-K17-3123

    $3,782.00 $3,512.63
  • 2-Tote IBC Containment Poly Pallet with Fiberglass Grating
    Part #: DN-K22-0452