8" ECO Funnels

eco-funnels-are-made-in-the-usaECO Funnels are widely used in laboratories worldwide. The largest size, our 8 inch ECO Funnel, is available with a variety of custom screw caps that fit most common waste containers. Amber glass solvent bottles can usually accept our basic model # EF-3004C.

Review the chart on this page if you need assistance. If you cannot find the right funnel for your container, request a quote for a custom screw cap (minimum order required.)

Our 8 inch ECO Funnels are the most popular because they have an added safety feature not present in the 4 inch model. An overfill protection device inside the funnel alerts a user that the container is too full. While waste is being poured into an 8" ECO funnel, the secondary air-lock tube creates a small air gap inside your waste container. In the event that the container reaches its air gap, fluid will temporarily back up into the funnel. Once the screw cap adapter is loosened, the air gap is broken and the remaining fluid will safely flow into the container.