CP Lab Chemicals supplies Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid and other common and specialty inorganic acids. Acids are designated by grade or purity, and come in Technical Grade, USP Grade, ACS Reagent Grade, Ultra-Pure Environmental Grade, Electronic Grade, and with NIST designations. Organic Acids are available from the lowest molecular weight formic acid and acetic acid to the higher molecular weight acids also called lipids and fatty acids, all possessing a carbolic acid functional group. Organic compounds can possess multiple carboxyl groups, and dicarboxylic compounds such oxalic acid and higher chain analogs are provided as well as tricarboxylic acids such as citric acid and higher molecular weight analogs. Benzoic acids and other aromatic carboxylic acids are supplied as are heterocyclic compounds with carboxylic acid functional groups. All acids are available in Bulk and as Pre-made solutions. For help finding the right Inorganic or Organic acid for your research, science or process, Ask a Chemist.

Download the Inorganic Acids Quick Reference List