Organic Acids

Organic Acids

Organic Acids span the range of possessing one carbon, formic acid, to longer linear chained and branched chain compounds possessing a carboxylic acid functional group.  Organic carboxylic acids can also have aroamtic groups such as benzene and heterocyclic scaffolds such as pyridine, or alicyclic ring systems such as a cyclopropane and higher homologs of carbon.  

As biochemicals organic acids are typically found as metabolites or structurally significant carbon linear chain compounds with carboxylic head groups, and C8 carbon chains and higher are tyoically described as fatty acids or lipids as the chain length increases to C16 and higher carbon atoms.  

To search for these compounds uses the CAS#, name, or use the terms carbolyic acid or carboxylate to find the compounds youy are looking for.