Justrite® Aerosolv Super System

Justrite® Aerosolv Super System

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Safe, convenient and compliant, Aerosolv® provides an easy-to-use, effective method of relieving pressure in spent aerosol cans. It changes them from solid hazardous waste to a non-hazardous, fully recyclable state. This eliminates the expense of solid waste disposal of aerosol cans. Every 100 cans punctured and emptied by Aerosolv® increases recyclable scrap metal by 25 lb. and reduces solid waste by 10 cubic feet, making Aerosolv® extremely cost effective.

Aerosol Can Disposal

  • Certified by the EPA's Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV)
  • Built-in counter is a great tool for easy adherence to your ISO 14001 program
  • Protective coating for easy cleaning

Aerosolv® Super System offers all the great benefits of the original Aerosolv® for waste minimization and increased recycling, plus provides maximum vapor reduction, security and easy tracking. Lockout and shut-off mechanism seals the unit and drum when not in use to eliminate the escape of hazardous vapors as required by OSHA. The system is invaluable to any organization that is dedicated to reducing environmental impact, and committed to complying with laws and sustainability clauses in contracts. Includes a padlock with key, combination coalescing/colorimetric carbon filter cartridge that signals saturation, anti-static ground wire with C-clamp and safety goggles.


  • Eliminate an entire RCRA waste stream and reduce disposal costs
  • EPA verified
  • Includes two-piece Combination Colormetric filter
  • Slide bar on can chamber includes lock to provide tamper resistance
  • EPA Compliant and ETV Certified


  • Model No.: 28230
  • International Model No.: 28230
  • ETV Certified: Yes
  • EPA Compliance: Yes
  • Net Weight, lbs: 9.75
  • Net Weight, kg: 4.42
  • Body: Aircraft Aluminum
  • Puncture Pin: Stainless Steel
  • Sleeve: Nylon
  • Coating: Material Resistant Coating
  • Alignment Cone: Aeroprene

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