The new Ergopet® Pipettor has ergonomic comfort adjustments to make Pipetting motions conform to your physiological needs. Extended height models raise the tip of the pipette by up to 20cm (8"), dramatically lowering the hand position. An easy to set swivel head helps to reduce wrist bending. The head of Ergopet® Pipettors can be positioned straight ahead in line with the hand or swung up to 90° left or right, allowing unobstructed viewing of the pipette while aspirating and dispensing while maintaining a natural hand position. The nose can also be rotated to change the angle of the pipette from vertical to 15° outwards. The tallest models place the pipette tip on a similar plane as the hand increasing the precision of placing the pipette tip into small vessels.

  • MicroPette Pipettor Single Channel, Adjustable, Choose Range
    Part #: SCI-71211101

  • MicroPette Pipettor Single Channel, Fixed Volume, Choose Range
    Part #: SCI-71212118

  • Bel-Bulb Pipettor, case/12
    Part #: BA-378870000

    $164.00 $152.39
  • Safety Bulb Pipettor
    Part #: BA-378880000

    $58.00 $40.88
  • StepMate Multi-Dispenser Repeater Pipettor
    Part #: SCI-72010000

  • Fast Release Pipette Pump, II Pipettor 25mL, Red, case/12
    Part #: BA-379111025

    $490.00 $454.93
  • Pipette Washer Accessory Only, No Basket or Jar
    Part #: DL-215905

    $288.00 $264.01
  • Pipettor, Diamond, Adjustable Volume, 5 - 50uL, Yellow
    Part #: GSCI-3301-50

    $205.00 $183.61
  • Accu-Jet Pro 120V Pipette Controller, Choose Color
    Part #: BT-26330

    $462.00 $428.05
  • Accu-Jet Pro Pipette Controller, Pipettor, USA Plug
    Part #: BT-26300

    $462.00 $428.05
  • MiniPET, PTFE, Pipettor 10mL
    Part #: BA-379000100

    $440.00 $407.89
  • Replacement Pipette Washing Basket (Basket Only)
    Part #: DL-215925

    $90.00 $88.84