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Mouse-to-Mouse Blocking Reagent, 8 ml

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8 ml
  • Mouse-to-Mouse Blocking Reagent, 8mL
  • Mouse-to-Mouse Blocking Reagent, 8mL
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Mouse-to-Mouse Blocking Reagent, 8 mL. ScyTek's Mouse to Mouse reagent has been formulated to provide the researcher with a staining system capable of visualizing mouse monoclonal antibodies on mouse tissue. In most cases a 30-minute incubation with Mouse to Mouse block will virtually eliminate background staining that is caused by endogenous immunoglobulins. We strongly recommend this reagent be used in conjunction with ScyTek's UltraTek Anti-Mouse Staining System for optimal results. Species of Origin: Goat Antigen Specificity: Anti-Mouse Enzyme Conjugate: None Chromogen Substrate: None Summary Protocol: If needed Apply Peroxide Block. Apply Super Block. Apply Mouse-to-Mouse Blocking Reagent. Apply primary antibody. Apply UltraTek Anti-Polyvalent. Apply UltraTek HRP or UltraTek Alk-Phos. Apply appropriate chromogen. Recommended but not included: UltraTek HRP Anti-Mouse Staining System - AFJ600. Immunohistochemistry > Blocking Reagents (Immunohistochemistry)
Immunohistochemistry > Species Specific Reagents > Mouse to Mouse

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