Nalgene® 312097-0016 16 oz (500mL) Fluorinated HDPE Bottles, 28-415 Caps, case/125

Nalgene® 312097-0016 16 oz (500mL) Fluorinated HDPE Bottles, 28-415 Caps, case/125

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Nalgene 16oz (500mL) Fluorinated HDPE Bottles with 28-415 polypropylene caps. These bulk-packaged fluorinated containers resist permeation, paneling, odor emission, flavor and fragrance loss. Fluorinated bottles are among the most durable bottles for most acids, alkalis, nitric acids and aggressive organic solvents.

Package solvents, oils, chemicals and agricultural products in Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Narrow-Mouth Fluorinated HDPE Bottles with Closures. These high-density polyethylene containers are a cost-effective alternative to fluoropolymer bottles.


  • Fluorinated high-density polyethylene
  • Uniform walls resistant to splitting and puncturing
  • Cost-effective alternative to fluoropolymer bottles.
  • Fluorinated polypropylene closures

Ordering Information:

Bottles and closures are packed in separate poly-bags within the same carton.

What is Fluorination?

Fluorination is a process in which a Nalgene® HDPE plastic container, and the complementary PP closure or other component are exposed to fluorine gas after molding under controlled temperature and pressure conditions. The fluorine substitutes with some hydrogen atoms in the polymer chain, creating a barrier and surface enhancement on the interior and exterior of the container and closure.

Fluorinated Product Benefits

  • Improved barrier properties and reduced solvent absorption and permeation
  • Enhanced long-term container performance
  • Lower extractables
  • Recyclable

Compliance with FDA Regulations

  • Nalgene fluorinated materials comply with the following requirements of the Food Additives Amendment of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
  • FLPE (fluorinated high-density polyethylene) 21 CFR 177.1520 FLPP (fluorinated polypropylene) 21 CFR 177.1520


  • Wash product before using for the first time. To prevent scratching of the plastic, observe the following precautions:
    • Use a warm, mild detergent solution
    • DO NOT use brushes, abrasive cleanser or paper towels
  • If using a labware washing machine:
    • DO NOT use a machine that is equipped with brushes
    • In a machine with high-pressure water spray, place the containers in a basket and protect them with a screen or cover similar to that used in test tube baskets. (Nalgene autoclaving baskets (Cat. No. 6917) are recommended.) Otherwise, the water pressure may cause the containers to tumble and scratch the fluorinated surfaces.
    • If placed on spindles, always weight and cover the containers. If the spindles are made of uncoated metal, a section of PVC tubing (such as Nalgene 180; Cat. No. 8000) placed over them will cushion and protect the containers.
    • Air dry if possible

Temperature Limits

  • FLPE products withstand temperature limits from -100°C to +120°C
  • FLPP products withstand temperature limits from 0°C to +135°C
  • As with any plastic container, NEVER put fluorinated containers in a flame or on a hot plate.

Nalgene Part# 312097-0016

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