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Carbon Filter Adapter

safety can with carbon filterCentura® Coalescing Carbon Filters minimize odor by capturing 99% of liquid particulates released in the form of gaseous vapor. The two-stage vent filter is easy to install, snapping conveniently into the factory installed "Quick Disconnect" fitting. A convenient color-changing Carbon Cartridge (top portion) changes from deep purple to black as hydrocarbons are absorbed to indicate when replacement is necessary. The Coalescing Filter (bottom portion) can be reused with new carbon filters several times and can be replaced after 3-4 carbon filter cycles. Filters have been designed for use with all round Stainless Steel, Polypropylene and Custom Built "Quick Disconnect" 2 and 5-gallon cans.

Two-stage filter addresses environmental concerns by capturing 99% of liquid particulates to minimize odor. Filter comes fully assembled and quickly snaps into fitting on can for easy set-up. Top carbon filter with filter replacement window simply twists on to coalescing filter for easy filter changes.

Quick Disconnect Carbon Filter adapters with replacement coalescing color changing carbon filter cartridges connect easily to the quick disconnect fitting on a Justrite safety can. Always match fitting material, as polypropylene and stainless steel fittings will not work correctly with each other.