COVID-19 Diagnostic Test for Home Use, Saliva Test (PCR) with FedEx label

COVID-19 Diagnostic Test for Home Use, Saliva Test (PCR) with FedEx label

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COVID-19 Diagnostic Test for Home Diagnosis, Saliva Spit Test (PCR) with FedEx label for processing. This process uses RT-PCR technology to diagnose active infections of the virus. 99% of results are available in 24 hours after the lab receives specimens from the user. These saliva collection test kits are designed for easy at-home diagnosis of COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-coV-2). Collect saliva in the included container and send to the lab for testing. Results are typically available within 24 hours after the lab receives the sample.

Why qPCR is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing

Saliva Collection kit includes:

  • Saliva collection tube and cap
  • Requisition form
  • Biohazard Bag
  • Absorbent pad
  • Silver insulated bag
  • FedEx 3373 Pak
  • FedEx Express return shipment label (Standard label is 2-Day Expedited. For Overnight shipping please request a quote.)

Warning: Eating, drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco, chewing gum, brushing teeth, or using mouthwash 30 minutes before the saliva sample will invalidate results. If the fluid in the transport tube has leaked in transit, please contact Customer Service.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Specimen Collection Instructions

  1. At least 30 minutes before saliva collection, rinse mouth with water by swishing water for 10 seconds.
  2. Complete the requisition form and place it in the Biohazard Bag’s side pocket.
  3. Pool saliva in mouth before drooling into the collection tube.
  4. Fill the tube with saliva up to the black wavy line. Do NOT overfill.
  5. Remove the funnel and replace it with the fluid cap (blue liquid). Be sure to screw the enclosed cap on tightly to release the preservative solution. If the saliva you collected has not turned blue, continue screwing the cap down firmly until the fluid releases.
  6. Shake the tube for at least five seconds.
  7. When finished, immediately place the collection tube in the labeled transport Biohazard Bag. Note: Leakage of transport fluid can invalidate results! Make sure that the transport collection tube is sealed tightly to prevent leakage.
  8. Place the Biohazard Bag with all contents into the silver insulated bag.
  9. Place the silver insulated bag into the FedEx 3373 Pak and seal securely.
  10. Attach the FedEx Express return shipment label to FedEx 3373 Pak.
  11. We will provide you with test results, usually within 1 business day of receipt of sample.

Testing Process

We use real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests to qualitatively detect nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2, as recommended by the CDC. The RT-PCR platform is FDA-authorized and requires specialized equipment and personnel to identify the virus RNA within cells. This type of testing is considered more accurate than most “rapid” tests. The specificity of the RT-PCR is tested weekly to ensure that newly discovered COVID-19 mutations are detected by the test.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a relatively simple and widely used molecular biology technique to amplify and detect DNA and RNA sequences. PCR is a highly sensitive method and uses very small volumes for single reactions and to rapidly make millions to billions of copies of a specific RNA sample allowing scientists to take a very small sample of RNA and amplify it to a large enough amount to study in detail.

Reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) is used when the starting material is RNA. In this method, RNA is first transcribed into complementary DNA (cDNA) by reverse transcriptase. The cDNA is then used as the template for the polymerase chain reaction.

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